I am a qualified tour guide, a registered member and badge holder of both Westminster Guides and Islington Guides (here I am on the left, collecting the Westminster certificate, and on the right with the Islington badge - in each case I'm the somewhat underdressed one).

Apart from conducting my own walks, I have been a tour guide at Highgate Cemetery for several years. These tours can only be booked via the Cemetery website but I'll put details of walks I am taking up on my calendar.

I've been exploring London's highways and byways for over three decades now, discovering for myself its inexhaustible hoard of history, mysteries, horrors and beauties. I am living proof that the place grabs you and sucks you in with promises of ever more secrets and new perspectives. And, I promise, by far the best way to explore is on foot. Too many details are lost as you whizz by on a bus - and the Tube is a lost cause…

Strolling around, going where curiosity takes you - being a flâneur as the French rather coolly put it - is the only way to get under this great city's skin.

I aim to re-create this sense of wonder on my walks, moving away from the obvious routes to look for an unusual angle on things. This city surprises me afresh every time, and I want to share that with you.