A Few Dates

I am going to be doing some tours at Highgate Cemetery in December. These will be on Fridays at 1:45 - the Fridays in question being 4th, 11th and 18th. They take about 70 minutes and go around the West Cemetery, which doesn't have Karl Marx but does have some quite frankly gobsmacking architecture. I love the place because it gives us real insight into how the Victorians saw the world, and tells us as much about the living as the dead.

These tours are run via Highgate Cemetery and need to be booked is advance. There are still (as of 27 November) tickets available for all three dates, so if you want to come along please go to the Cemetery's website http://highgatecemetery.org/visit/cemetery/west and follow the instructions. It's worth going to the website anyway as there is an amazing 360 degree photo of the interior of the Julius Beer Mausoleum.

Go on - treat yourself...