Debut at the Gate

St John's Gate, Clerkenwell

Yesterday I gave my first tour of the Museum of the Order of St John ( click for link here ) in the centre of Clerkenwell. This really is burrowing down through history as its first church was consecrated in 1140 - though London's history being what it is, several models have been attacked, pulled down and bombed in the interim. Some gems from the original still exist, and are well worth a visit.

It was an interesting experience. The Gate is a museum to the various Orders of St John of Jerusalem and to St John Ambulance, both of whose headquarters it is to this day. It is a working building, meaning it is available for hire for meetings, quizzes and more frequently, weddings, and this was the case yesterday. It keeps the grey cells bouncing about when you have to rethink everything and leave two quite important rooms out - probably a subdivision of mindfulness.

All in all, a fun way to start a mini-career leading tours there. As ever I shall post future tours on this website.